We are a small dedicated Team, located Sofia, Bulgaria.


Our staff serves the clients from A to Z.


We are acompaning you during the entire transaction proces.


We will take care of your property after you bought it, by managing it for you, so you can spend more time on enjoying the good things in life.




Pavlin Stoev
Petar Petrov
Darina Dikova

Pavlin Stoev, is a practicing lawyer from Sofia, Bulgaria. 

His experience in law, accounting, letigation and corporate structuring is a high profile combination of skills, curcial for the success of our group. 

His multi lingual skills make him a decent negotiator at important meetings with clients and partners. 

Peter Petrov, is a Bulgarian born allraounder.


He studied law and computer science in Bulgaria. 

Mr. Petrov has solid knowledge in organizational management and will be a process enhancer in our company. 


Ms Dikova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she graduated from University. 


She has a rich experiance in international companies and  government organisations. 

Her experiance and language skills are key to the success of 235 Holdings. 

Ms. Dikova s part of the evaluation team for our future investments in properties and start up companies in connection to the property sector. 

bl. Petko R. Slaveykov 7B, Floor 2 | 1000 Sofia | Bulgaria