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We are a small but dedicated team of professionals located in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Our staff serves all our clients’ needs from A to Z. We offer to guide and support you throughout the entire transaction process.


We will take care of your property investment post-closing, managed it with the utmost care, so that you can dedicate more time enjoying the good things in life.



Trajche Zdravkovski
Maria Latev
Julian Arabadjiski

Mr. Zranskovski, has decades of experience, managing large companies with more than 300 employees.


His international career has led him to take on a responsible role in our company.

Mrs. Latev, is a seasoned corporate professional, with a successful career spanning 5 decades in Swiss multinational companies. 


Her leadership and dedication is vital for the development of the company and its projects. 


Mr. Arabadjiski, is the backbone of our organizational structure.


His professional career payments processing and IT solutions, allows him to advise our company to successfully adapt to an ever changing tech environment. 

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